TAM AS has just delivered a new type of expandable ISO 10 foot shelters. This shelter type is a special designed shelter in the LINK 16 system. All shelters where handed over to our client Thales in May this year.

The shelters are delivered with a wide range of outfit to meet the client’s high demands. The shelters are tested to meet climatic zone A1-C1 according to STANAG 2895 as well as several other military and civilian standards.
To meet the challenge and many other specific demands the shelters are designed and tailor made by TAM AS.

To fulfil the specification TAM has installed an upgraded, tunnel mounted super silent diesel generator and a new designed HVAC system, electrical installation, fibre optical network and other needed equipment and furniture.

The shelters are expandable to make them efficient and better working area to meet existing
and future demands. The shelters expand within a few minutes by two people. No extra support
is needed when expanded. The floor space is almost doubled when expanded.

The shelters are supplied with CSC safety approval by DNV (Det Norske Veritas).
The expandable ISO 10ft 1D shelters are produced in TAM’s advanced lightweight, insulated
and self-supporting sandwich system to reduce the weight to a minimum.

We appreciate the cooperation from our client Thales as well as end user and all our
cooperating partners who have participated in making this advance, flexible and long lasting
communication module with low life cycle cost.