Military contractor DHS Systems LLC recently introduced the newest product to join its line of deployable command and control equipment (DC2E) – the DC2E large transformer projection screen display.

Designed to fit into a 1,250 square foot DRASH J Series shelter, the DC2E large transformer projection screen display features three DLP projectors that project three separate high resolution viewing areas more than 48in above the ground, allowing for images that are large and elevated enough to easily be viewed from the rear of a tactical operations centre (TOC).

To maximise use of available workspace in a shelter or hardened facility, the new system can easily be configured for front or rear projection.

“Whether our customers are from the military or a civilian agency, the transformer projection screen display ensures that they will be able to use the equipment in any type of workspace,” says DC2E product manager Curtis Nail. “The rear configuration works well in our J Series shelter because it can be set up in one of the end caps or along the sidewall, taking up little operational space. Both configurations can also be utilized in a fixed, permanent structure.”

A user-friendly system

Set up by four people in less than 30 minutes, the large transformer projection screen display can be packed into four cases. All cases have large handles on all sides, purge valve and wheels on one end to increase transportability. The new display system also features a user-friendly design, as well as readily available logistical support.

“The transformer uses the same projector platform as other DC2E screen display systems, of which 2,500 units have been fielded throughout the military,” says Nail. “Many of our customers already have experience using the equipment, and our logistics team has extensive knowledge of how to operate and, when necessary, repair the system.”

DRASH DC2E joins various feeds of information onto single or multiple screens, allowing users to view images from across the battlefield. Since its introduction in 2005, more than 3,000 DRASH DC2E systems have been deployed throughout the world.