Zeppelin recently received several orders for their high-frequency shielded double side expandable 3:1 Shelter. The Shelter reaches an attenuation level of min. 45dB between a frequency range of 100 kHz and 1 GHz which is a unique shielding level for lightweight expandable Shelters. It is intended to even increase this level and to adapt it to the 60dB of non-expandable communication Shelters. Apart from the shielding level the Shelter complies with the severe NATO requirements for mobile systems such as environmental conditions or transport loads.

One of the end-users is the Spanish Air Force that will receive 3 expandable command posts. The Shelters will have the basic dimensions of an ACE III Shelter (5m length) in order to be mounted on a specific carrier vehicle of the Air Force. In order not to waste space in the working area the technical room of the Shelter was deleted and the air condition will be mounted on the outside front wall of the Shelter.

The German Armed Forces will be delivered a shielded 20ft expandable Shelter which was ordered by EADS as ground control station for their Eurohawk unmanned surveillance aircraft program.

Finally, Zeppelin has just been awarded in a tender of the Albanian MOD for the supply of a total of 7 shielded expandable tactical command posts. The Shelters will be delivered as turn-key systems including the installation of the interior equipment such as working stations, racks, electronic and IT equipment. The supply program is distributed over three years from 2009-2011.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages the Zeppelin expandable Shelter is one of the most comfortable expandable Shelters in the market in terms of user-friendliness. Due to the special extension mechanism the Shelter cannot only be opened within minutes without any additional tools, it also allows the installation of fix equipment in the centre and also on the expandable side walls of the Shelter. This reduces the time to get the Shelter operational to a minimum.