Xoft, developer of the Axxent® electronic brachytherapy system (eBx), which delivers non-radioactive, X-ray-based radiation treatment directly to cancer sites with minimal exposure to surrounding healthy tissue, announced that it will launch the Axxent Xpress™ mobile electronic brachytherapy vehicles to expand and improve access to critical radiation therapy. The announcement was made in advance of the 49th American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) meeting on 21-24 September 2008.

Xoft also announced that it has collaborated with Medical Coaches, a leading manufacturer of custom mobile medical and specialty vehicles, to design and manufacture the specialized medical vehicles, as well as complete the extensive Department of Transportation (DOT) certification process. Xoft and Medical Coaches will showcase an Axxent Xpress mobile electronic brachytherapy van in a dedicated booth at the ASTRO meeting.

“Eliminating the need to deliver treatment in heavily shielded vaults, electronic brachytherapy was designed to help radiation oncologists improve access to critical cancer care and make it available to patients across geography and socioeconomic levels,” said Michael Klein, president and CEO of Xoft. “Adding the ability to provide mobile radiation therapy services is a natural progression; one we hope will further improve access for the tens of thousands of breast cancer patients who do not comply with their prescribed radiation treatment or otherwise would not receive it. Studies presented at the recent ASCO Breast Cancer Symposium support prior findings that much of this problem is based on inability to access therapy because of distance, fear, or difficulty with the of getting to traditional radiation centers – issues that are addressed with electronic brachytherapy.”

Commercially available for accelerated treatment of early stage breast cancer and endometrial and rectal indications, the Axxent electronic brachytherapy system is also cleared for use in the treatment of other cancers or conditions where radiation therapy is indicated. Designed to deliver electronic, X-ray-based radiation treatment, the proprietary Axxent treatment platform can be used in many clinical settings under the supervision of a radiation oncologist, without the need for a shielded room. As a platform technology, the Axxent system addresses a variety of oncological and non-oncological indications and is designed to deliver non-radioactive therapy directly to cancer sites with minimal radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

In its treatment of early stage breast cancer, the Axxent electronic brachytherapy system provides the opportunity to reduce the therapy time required from seven weeks (for external radiation therapy) down to five days. As a result, tens of thousands of patients will have greater access to therapy that is delivered more easily and conveniently. This may accelerate patient choice of breast sparing lumpectomy surgery with adjuvant radiation therapy over the alternative of a full mastectomy.

“Medical Coaches has worked with some of the largest medical companies for decades, bringing critical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to where patients need it most,” said Geoff Smith, president of Medical Coaches. “We are very proud to be working with Xoft on the Axxent Xpress vehicles to help improve access to radiation therapy in outlying and underserved areas.”

The new Axxent Xpress Mobile van has been custom designed by experts from both Xoft and Medical Coaches. The van will be able to carry up to three Axxent System HDR controllers. The controllers will ride on an easy to drive sprinter van modified to provide the safest transport. Modifications include ride softening shock absorbers, rear heating and cooling to ensure equipment is ready to operate at delivery. A specially built easy-to-use equipment lift is installed at the rear doors for un-loading and loading sensitive medical equipment. Custom built cabinets and work counters are also supplied for transport of accessories needed to support mobile electronic brachytherapy treatment delivery.