SMILEmobile Dental Van Serves Thousands of Underprivileged in Central New York

Medical Coaches delivered their third SMILEmobile dental van to Eastman dental center in Rochester, NY. The SMILEmobile provides services to 3,700 children and teens at 15 inner-city schools, eight Head Start programs, and three remote rural locations. Since its inception, the program has served an estimated 39,000 people.

Medical Coaches’ dental office on wheels was purchased by the Eastman dental center, a branch of the University of Rochester and associated with Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. It is called the SMILEmobile and brings oral health services year round to children who would otherwise not have access to much-needed dental care. Each van is staffed with 12 full-time health workers, a dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant and clinical coordinator.

A large portion of the money was raised by the Ronald McDonald House Charities to purchase the two-chair, 41-foot long, 10-foot wide towed dental trailer. In 2005 the SMILEmobile Program was honored with the Healthcare Association of New York State’s prestigious Community Health Improvement award.

“Over the years, Medical Coaches has seen many of our mobile dental clinics provide sorely needed dental care to children; many have never seen a dentist! The mobile units are built to replicate a modern dentist’s office and offer bright and friendly surroundings helping to ease the fear of a first visit to the dentist.” said Geoffrey Smith, President of Medical Coaches Inc.


Medical Coaches Inc. is a privately held business that has manufactured more than 20,000 highly specialized mobile units located in more than 110 countries. They were founded in 1949 and are headquartered in Oneonta, NY.