A new communications and surveillance control shelter has been delivered to the UK Ministry of Defence in only 28 working days by Marshall SV, part of Cambridge based Marshall Land Systems. The order placed just before Christmas was delivered in early February.

The intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) container was designed, manufactured and tested before being delivered to the deployable support and test equipment (DS&TE) IPT and the imagery & geospatial systems (IMaGE) delivery team at the MoD earlier than the contract had called for.

Mr Gary Daniels, head DRMS, DS&TE team commented, “The MODs DS&TE & IMaGE teams have worked together combining their own specialist gatekeeper roles to facilitate expeditious delivery of this UOR. This has offered value for defence (VDF) and helped to ensure that the end user gets what they want, when they want it and at the cost that they want. The partnership between MSV, IMaGE and DS&TE teams was phenomenal in achieving the unachievable.

This was a fantastic achievement and shows how effectively project teams, consisting of the customer and ourselves, can work together to support the front line by delivering a quality solution quickly and efficiently. Using the expertise and experience of both parties where they are best employed assisted in the requirement capture, design, delivery and rapid production,” said Peter Callaghan, chief executive of Marshall Land Systems.

The control centre consists of two work stations and four server racks. It is fully air conditioned to maintain a sensible working environment even if outside the temperature rises to nearly 50°C or drops to below -30°C. It has been convention for safe containers (CSC) approved and is transportable by land, sea or air including by C-130.