Zeppelin will again participate at this year’s IDEX Show in Abu Dhabi together with their local partner company, the Bin Jabr Group (Hall 12, Stand No. A10). The two companies have recently received Shelter contracts from the UAE in two different projects called Zagil and Yahsat.

The Zagil program of the UAE Signal Corps is a communication system in an HF-screened Zeppelin-Shelter mounted on a NIMR 6×6 vehicle manufactured by the Bin Jabr Group in their Jordan facilities. The Communication equipment is provided and installed by Thales. The Shelter comes with an independent power generator and 20m antenna masts. Prototypes will be delivered within this year.

Yahsat is a joint satellite program of the UAE company with the same name and a consortium of Thales France, Thales Alenia Space and EADS Astrium. Zeppelin/Bin Jabr provide the shielded Shelter to be mounted on an 8×8 truck. The Yahsat program provides a total series of about 100 units over the next three years of which the prototypes will also be supplied in 2009.

At IDEX the NIMR 6×6 vehicle will be exhibited with the Zeppelin-Shelter mounted. A second exhibit will be the 3:1 double-side expandable Zeppelin-Shelter equipped as a command post. This shelter has an electromagnetic protection with an attenuation level of 50db between 100 kHz and 1 GHz which is unique for lightweight expandable shelters.

Apart from the communication and command post shelters Zeppelin will particularly market their mobile medical systems for which the company expects the highest potential in the Gulf region and in the Near and Middle East in general. This business unit combines individual mobile clinics with high-mobile modular field hospital arrangements which are provided as turn-key systems to the customers. Current orders under production are the field hospitals of the Spanish and of the Portuguese Army. Further orders from GCC countries are expected shortly.