Marshall Land Systems and Plasan form joint venture.

A new force in vehicle and armour systems is announced today at the International Armoured Vehicles Conference being held at the Excel Conference Centre on 2nd and 3rd February 2010. Marshall Land Systems and Plasan announce the formation of a joint venture to design, manufacture and market armoured solutions to the UK land, naval and where appropriate air domains.

The 50:50 JV will be based in the UK with both companies having an equal number of board members. It will be a free standing company reporting to the boards of both Marshall Land Systems and Plasan. It is intended that the JV will be MLS’s main centre for armouring excellence capitalising on Plasan’s undoubted world leading capability in armour.

“This JV is a major step in the development of Marshall Land Systems’ offering to the defence and security community and enables us to provide an even more integrated solution to our customers, with Plasan, a world leader in survivability and armour solutions” said Peter Callaghan, Chief Executive of Marshall Land Systems.

“Marshall Land Systems expertise and knowledge, and the respect with which it is held, makes it the ideal partner for Plasan, as we seek to provide even better armour protection to our defence customers in the UK,” said Dani Ziv, Chief Executive of Plasan.

The JV will be working to provide a credible alternative solution for the supply of armour solutions to the end user, vehicle prime contractors and OEMs.