After a successful launch at the DSEI 2011 show in September, the new Dantherm environmental control unit (ECU) for military and other heavy-duty shelters and tents, ACM 11 is now ready to secure cool minds in the hot spots of the world.

ACM 11 is the newest product in the line of efficient ECUs from Dantherm Air Handling. It is aimed at the present and future high insulated shelters with proven efficiency on shelters 30 – 60m² with requirements for low internal temperatures in the hottest climatic zones in the world.

The concept is based on the successful features of ACM 18 carrying a number of unique features and reducing logistic costs for the forces. Benefitting from the experience over many years of operation in tough and challenging conditions, the ACM 11 is also prepared to meet future demands. As for all other energy consumers, the MODs of the world are being met with demands on using less energy. The ACM 11 is therefore prepared for and meets the legislative demands for energy-efficient units.

Main features of the ACM 11 are:

  • Nominal cooling output of 11kW
  • Operating range, cooling: +20 – +60°C
  • Operating range, heating: -32 – +20°C
  • Internal airflow, with hoses: 1700m³/h
  • Fresh air intake
  • G3 filtration of the internal air
  • Dual filters in front of internal air intake as an option
  • Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant
  • Built into a strong metal frame with insulated panels which are painted in standard sand colour and protected against corrosion by a minimum 80μm powder top coating, like all other metal parts of the unit
  • Scroll compressor for a high degree of reliability and low noise level.
  • Easy strap down on air cargo pallets and stackable (two units on top of each other)
  • Designed for optimal utilisation of a standard 20in ISO container
  • CE-marked
  • NSN: 4120-22-622-8737

ACM 11 has already been purchased by a number of armies, contractors and intelligence services. A simple trolley is available for single person mounting and transport, which allows one person to transport, install, operate and maintain without using any tools or strength at all.

Dantherm Air Handling offers a complete range of cooling and heating solutions for military shelters and tents. The range includes VAM 15 and VAM 40 mobile heating units, ACM 5 air conditioner for containers, ACM 7 and ACM 18 CBRN for cooling tents and temporary buildings as well as a wide range of accessories.