At the I.L.E.E. booth which was a joint effort with Permalight Asia of Hong Kong, visitors were attracted by the entirely new series of PILA tactical lights and intelligent charger systems.

PILA lights come in three sizes ranging from 6 to 12 Volt Xenon power. The Xenon lights provide up to 550 Lumen output power with a high-tech computer designed reflector as a guarantor for a uniform and shadow free illumination. Alternatively, a high power LED insert lamp assembly with a battery saving 3W LED can be fitted. The Tail caps are available with a tactical switch, remote control switch or with white, red or green LED inserts.

PILA Li-ion rechargeable batteries and the matching intelligent charger provides autonomy from battery supplies and can be used anywhere in the world due to a set of matching plugs and 100-240 V 50/60 Hz connectors. A 12VDC battery connector is also available. PILA batteries can fit any light source which uses CR123 batteries as an energy source.

The new PILA is Swiss engineered and designed and is manufactured to European quality standards which is a significant improvement over the already top graded previous design.

Considering that the older GL3 has been tested by our customers by firing over 1,000 rounds from a .5 Machine gun (and the Lamp is still working perfectly well) the even better new PILA series clearly stands out among the tactical lights. It has also been noted with by the professional users, that a tactical light can also be an item of satisfying beauty and ergonomic perfection. This makes the new PILA the obvious choice for security guard to commando unit.