Zeppelin has delivered the first eight of a total of 30 Shelters for the field hospital of the Spanish Armed Forces. Among the eight shelters supplied was an ultrasound, emergency laboratory, a microbiology lab, a guard module and four connecting shelters. Ten expandable shelters (three operating rooms, two ICUs, post and pre-operation, advanced life support, sterilization and clinical analysis laboratory) will be completed by February 2009. The remaining twelve shelters will be supplied in 2009 and 2010 according to the Spanish delivery plan.

Before being delivered each shelter has to pass a factory acceptance test at the Zeppelin factory carried out by the quality engineers of the Spanish Army. These tests particularly emphasize on tightness, robustness and on air condition quality (e.g. overpressure tests).

Zeppelin has been awarded the Spanish field hospital together with its cooperation partner Siemens Spain. The hospital is designed according to the highest NATO standards for military medical applications and it can stand the harshest environmental conditions. Upon its completion in 2010 the hospital is dedicated to support the NATO peacekeeping troops in Afghanistan.