Preparing for the future

Financial crisis and global warming have accelerated the focus for new sustainable energy production.

Technology days

The technology days at Kongsberg during 4 and 5. Nov this year will have a strong focus on new alternative energy and technology initiatives from the industry itself.
Kongsberg Devotek and Lockheed Martin (LM) will, among many others, give speeches for their strategic offensive to create new break-through technology in this field.
Devotek`s part of the seminar called “Technology Watch” consists of speakers from well known companies as: Lockheed Martin, StatoilHydro, Teknova AS, EB, Seabed Rig AS, NTNU +++

Deep geothermal energy

The Kongsberg companies has taken on this challenge and launched a pilot project for investigation of converting “Deep Geothermal Energy” to electric power. The project is owned by Kongsberg Innovasjon, but is mainly run by Devotek.

The concept is based on converting a small part of the earths inexhaustible internal heat to electric energy, in fact is approx 99.8% of the earths volume at a temperature higher than 100°C. Deep geothermal energy has the potential to be one of a few conceptual solutions that can really make a change to the worlds dependency of fossil fuel.

Norway’s and Kongsberg’s world class technology from the oil and gas industry and complex system products are highly relevant and directly usable for development of such systems.

The first part of the project is to investigate several alternatives for how to reach and how to convert the heat to electric energy. This part of the project will be done by assembling the very best competence from the owners behind Kongsberg Innovation (Statoil, FMC, Kongsberg Group, Dresser Rand, Volvo Aero, Kongsberg Devotek, Kongsberg Automotive, Teknologisk Institutt, Innovation Norway, SIVA) together with other competency from R&D institutes.

Lockheed Martin

It is in this context that also LM has flagged their interest and will evaluate a potential participation. LM, best known in Norway for its advanced military air crafts (as F-35 Joint Strike Fighter).

Less known is that LM also is highly involved in US strategic work for less fossil fuel dependency and has come a long way on several alternative energy programs.
OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion), Low temperature geothermal energy, wind and solar energy are some of these programs.

LM is invited for discussion on potential participation in the deep geothermal energy project. First focus will be on potential synergies between LM’s OTEC and geothermal technology base toward the deep geothermal energy project and find potential business cases of common interest.