Medical Coaches, Inc. recently delivered to The Boeing Company and Sikorsky Aircraft, a custom-built Comanche Flight Test Trailer. This trailer will help pilots learn to use the advanced flight instrumentation and equipment on the new Attack Comanche Helicopter before actually flying a mission. Using a trailer adds tremendously to system flexibility allowing operation at multiple sites.

Medical Coaches, Inc., a leader in the mobile medical industry, has been building sophisticated custom trailers with multi-faceted applications for the past 50 year. Medcial Coaches, Inc. is also ISO-9001 certified.

Designed to communicate with software from over 14 different vendors, the Advanced Comanche Flight Test Trailer is perfect for high tech battle simulations. Pilots will be shuttled up and down in an air-conditioned, retractable, 8-foot control room pod, located in the rear of the trailer. An actual nose cone of the Attack Comanche Helicopter will simulate look and feel for the system.

The Medicoach Comanche Flight Test Trailer features include:

*Custom-built all aluminum semi-trailer with special high strength main-frame to carry excess weight loads

*20 Ton HVAC for Equipment Climate Control

*A retractable 8 foot Control Room Pod for Flight Training

*A computer raised floor

*A 27′ X 4′ deep expandable wall. Hydraulic operation.

*Two Detroit Diesel 480 volt 60 hertz 3 phase generators

*Fire supression system

*Custom built control room cabinetry and consoles

*Specially designed electrical systems

*Easy access hinged panels for computer service and repair

The Advanced Comanche Flight Trailer is one of many in a long line of custom-built trailers from Medical Coaches, Inc. over a 50 year period.