Combat Protective Equipment (CPE) has various tactical vest solutions depending on the threat, type of unit and mission. Our solutions have been and are in daily use in Iraq, Afghanistan and other dangerous combat zones.

Tac TOP is a flexible light-weighted vest with 360° covering against two hand weapons such as AK-47 or higher threats. Our patented Tac TOP technology has saved men and women in uniform and we are proud to reveal our latest developments.

The Tac TOP concept was introduced at MILIPOL in Paris in October 2007. Based on experience and feedback from police and military units, the 4.generation vests are now in use. They are 25% to 30% lighter in weight and more flexible than the first generation. Our quick release system is a standard feature of the vests.

The basic Tac TOP vest, with an area of covering of 0.4m² has a weight of less than 6kg. The V-50 value according to the NATO stanag 2920 with 1.1g FSP is 1070m/s, now penetrations under 1040m/s. A standard soft NIJ level IIIA vest has a V-50 value up to 600m/s.

Tests have shown fragments from an IED in a range of 5m to 20m from the explosion have a velocity of 800m to 850m. This means many of fragments will have deadly effect, since soft body armour is not effective enough.

The Tac TOP will increase protection against IED/roadside bombs and reduce the number soldiers who are injured or killed in combat. Adding neck, throat and upper arms is a perfect solution for turret gunners but also for standard combat troops, since the flexibility is equal to a soft vest with SAPI plates. This solution is also used by several swat units around the world. It is easy to increase the protection level by adding special insert plates.

The next level of Tac TOP has the front and back (25cm×35cm) protected against 7.62×39 MSC, 5.56 NATO SS109 and similar rounds.

CPE’s latest Tac TOP model is the level IV model. This vest stops most of the threats in the combat zone including 7.62 AP rounds from snipers. The main front and back are protected against these rounds (25cm×33cm). It is also easy to increase the protection area if needed.

Rounds the vest easily stops are:

  • 7.62×39 MSC
  • 7.62×51 NATO ball
  • 5.45×39 SC
  • 5.56×45 NATO SS109
  • 7.62×51 AP
  • 7.62×63 AP
  • 7.62×54 API

The weight with an area of covering of 0.4m² is approximately 11kg.

Our R&D work never stops. New solutions will be introduced at MILIPOL 2009.