Our new web site has been launched!

Yes,Theissen Training Systems (TTS) has launched a new English web site – Come and explore a universe of modern targetry.

On TTS is presenting targetry equipment at its best- on a web page easy to navigate, very informative and up to date.

Various types of Stationary and Moving Infantry Targets are presented for the following applications: Marksmanship, Military Operations in Urbanized Terrain (MOUT), Closed Quarter Battle (CQB) and tactical live-fire.

Stationary Armor Targets (SATs) are displayed in medium and a powerful large versions to lift frontal and flank tank silhouettes.

TTS presents fast Moving Armor Targets to realistically train live-fire on moving flank tank target silhouettes.

Have a look at Range Control Computers playing event specific scenarios, scoring results, providing immediate per-formance feed-back and allowing after-action review.

In the Precision Targets section TTS offers Location of Miss and Hit systems (LOMAH) for infantry precision shooting applications as well as tank training. Thermal targets, night illumination devices and various simulators are available for all TTS applicances and can be found in the accessories section.

All this and even more is now available online.

Come and visit our new webpage, and send any comments or suggestions to You are welcome to forward this newsletter to a friend or colleague.