Thanks to its double know-how in both flat cable manufacturing and CMM connector developments, Nicomatic launches an innovating flex harness solution aimed at card-to-flex connections.

This new “two in one technology” ensures a high mechanical link and electrical continuity between 2mm pitch CMM micro-connectors and flat cable Crimpflex technology. One of the major advantages is a small 2mm pitch that allows the reduction of space, but there is also a lower weight feature that enables the replacement of discrete wires and bulky cables still very present in avionics equipment. Nicomatic is able to reduce up to 30% weight through a solution that is thinner and lighter than a traditional cable.

Adaptations allow high temperature requirements such as 185°C, 260°C with Kapton polyimide extra protection. The Microflex technology is a cost effective solution compared to other cable technologies and connection systems and offers reliability systematically looked for in MIL type applications. Moreover, the assembly process is superior in terms of crimping and insertion speed.

Compared to a crimping one by one of round cables, the crimping process that Nicomatic has developed is simultaneous from two to 60 contacts. The flat cable is crimped in one single operation and then the housing is mounted by clipsing. What we usually see on the market is a contact-by-contact insertion into the housing, which is a much slower process.