The VAMP 004 NV (Video Aiming Module Package Night Vision) boresighted gun sight camera from Innovative Sensor Developments (ISD), part of AD Group, has qualified to DEF STAN 00-35 shock, temperature and vibration and DEF STAN59-41 Class A land based limits EMC. Obtaining these qualifications proves the VAMP meets the environmental performance levels demanded for MoD applications.

“We are extremely proud that the VAMP gunsight cameras have reached this certification,” said Simon Hill, General Manage, Innovative Sensor Developments. “Our customers are already aware that the VAMPs have high quality design and build but the certification gives us proof of meeting MoD requirements.”

The VAMP 004 NV is a lightweight generic sighting and surveillance system for remote weapon and turret gunnery applications. It is capable of providing colour imagery in extremely low light situations down to a light level of 1mlux, or overcast starlight.

The VAMP family of proprietary EO gun-sight camera and long range surveillance systems which can be easily adapted for specific customer specifications with only minor changes to the alignment interface. The cameras can be sighted with boresight graticule and adjustable ballistic offsets which can be correlated through the integral serial link. VAMP cameras are hard mounted to its parent system and is readily adjustable in three axes for boresight alignment and gives bore sight positional repeatability of sub milliradian accuracy over zoom and temperature.

VAMP cameras survive live firing from 50-cal and other machine guns and has been used in the field.