The HMMWV shelter from TAM will be available at IDEX 2007 in Abu Dhabi.
TAM is the co-exhibitor at stand 314, belonging to Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, and the shelter will be displayed at this stand.

The shelter was designed and produced by TAM in Norway for our client Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, for use in the Middle East and on vehicles from AM General M1113 shelter carrier (HMMWV). A large number of shelters are in daily use for communication purpose.

Special precautions are taken for safe and proper working in extremely hot climates.
To meet this challenge TAM has also taken forward a new generation super-silent diesel generator to be used in the shelter’s tunnel to meet the extreme ambient temperature.

The shelters are produced in a high quality, self-supporting sandwich system from TAM, which is not affected by humidity, fungous or microbes and does not age. The whole shelter system has low weight, good insulation and very low life-cycle cost.

Representatives from TAM AS are available at IDEX-2007 during the show to answer your questions on this shelter or any other of our other shelter systems, including:

  • Expandable 10ft and 20ft shelters for rapid deployment
  • Non expandable shelters

All can be used for communication, radar system, satellite communication, command posts, etc.

We look forward to meeting new and old clients.