Hand held infrared designator device for use wit a night vision equipment.

A must for commanders and support of special units guidance. The device is a hand held target designator which is especially sutiable to guide troops on the ground from an elevated observation position or helicopter. The powerful laser beam is visible for a range of several kilometers. The observer points to the target on the ground and the ground troops are guided to find the otherwise hidden target. The device has adjustable output optics to vary the shape of the beam. It allows to first illuminate an area. Once a hidden target is identified, the beam can be collimated to a narrow point and becomes visible to the ground operating troops, pinpointing the exact location. The laser has a standby warning light to alert the user that he must observe the safety procedures. A push button activates the beam. The optical setting is easily done by rotating the laser head. The designator is attached to the wrist by a safety strap to safeguard from accidental dropping from a gloved hand. Battery power is by 2×1.5V AA batteries available any where. Also available and already fielded with fixed optics for narrow beam only.