Dedicated to integrators for land and maritime applications, the PeriSight Zoom is a high-performance integrated optronic solution, designed for vision from armoured vehicles and site surveillance. This compact camera system, incorporating the latest optronic vision technologies, combines an uncooled thermal imaging camera ideal for better night vision and a visible colour Low Light camera (up to night 3) for increased sensitivity.

Ruggedised for military needs, it detects long-range threats (beyond 5km). It is used as a viewfinder for target recognition and identification, as well as the protection of sensitive sites.

Discreet thanks to its uncooled track, the PeriSight Zoom secures and improves day and night observation capabilities thanks to its zoom and optical channels. Installed on a Pan&Tilt turret, it stabilises and orients the image field for all-round surveillance.

Finally, the optional laser telemetry module calculates the precise distance from the observed target.

This module now complements the range of PeriSight systems for long-range needs during Land Situational Awareness missions. PeriSight Zoom can be used alone, or in network with other modules from the existing PeriSight range.