Frankfurt Laser Company is pleased to announce a contract-based partnership with Alter Technology UK. Alter Technology Group’s core business is Photonic and Microelectronic based Semiconductor Assembly and Test Services, but the company has recently been developing its own laser diode products and platforms.

They have been standardising their most common laser diode package offerings into a series of product and platform datasheets. As a packaging company, with full end-to-end laser diode assembly and test services in-house, their strength is the ability to offer a wider range of flexible and customisable laser diode solutions than those offered by most laser diode manufacturers. By starting with bare laser diode chips from multiple chip manufacturers they can quickly and easily offer the market with a range of laser diode package solutions at various wavelengths and powers with agreed performance and specifications.

This standardised approach results in no development costs, shortened lead times and reliable laser diode modules in industry standard packages. Many of their customers are OEMs/system integrators who are looking for a laser diode solution that is not offered by commercial off-the-shelf laser diode manufacturers without significant NRE and long lead times.

Their core standard platforms are broken down into the following categories:

  1. REMOTE – VBG stabilised lasers into butterfly packages
  2. DRUMMOND – Collimated laser diodes into a thermally stabilised and hermetically sealed butterfly packages.
  3. FLAME – FLAME is a compact, frequency-stabilised laser module with integrated vapour cell that allows locking to spectral features of an atomic reference for metrology and quantum applications.
  4. DEWAR – Collimated TO-can package to provide collimators at a wide range of wavelengths and power levels