Otokar, exporting defence industry products to more than 30 countries, including those in Latin America, will be exhibiting at FIDAE 2018, the region’s leading defence and security fair. Otokar will present its own design and production armoured military vehicles, as well as turret systems and provide information about the capabilities of its land systems at Stand no 66 in Hall G of the fair, which will take place in Santiago, Chile, and last until April 8.

Stating that military vehicles designed and produced by Otokar are actively serving in five continents, Serdar Görgüç, Otokar General Manager, said: “Latin America is among our target markets in the defence industry. We consider FIDAE 2018, one of the region’s major exhibitions, as a good opportunity to meet our current users and develop partnerships with potential users to increase our presence in the Latin American market.

“In this context, we will introduce Otokar’s capabilities and broad product range to countries in the region such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile in particular. Otokar vehicles serving in the region have already provided us with an important insights and experience in terms of responding to the needs of their specific needs.”

Görgüç expressed that Otokar is prepared for different collaborations, including local production, to meet the needs of the region.

Serdar Görgüç said that Otokar has more than 30,000 military vehicles in the inventory of more than 50 users worldwide: “As Otokar celebrates its 55th anniversary it has reached the position of a global brand with its broad range of products developed and produced for present day and future threats. With a product range of armoured vehicles up to 60t in the field of land systems in the defence industry, we can offer equipment in different configurations for modern armies.

“Otokar is the prime contractor of Altay, the Turkish Main Battle Tank development project and a registered NATO and UN supplier of military vehicles and has recently expanded its export activities with technology transfer. Our goal is to produce the best vehicles with high technology and responding to expectations in line with the needs of modern armies.”

Otokar Wheeled Armoured Vehicles

Otokar stands apart with its expertise in the design, development and system integration of all kinds of vehicles and platforms in the field of land vehicles for the defense industry. Otokar designs and manufactures a wide range of tactical armoured vehicles, including 4×4 URAL, COBRA, COBRA II, KAYA II, ISV, ARMA 6×6 and ARMA 8×8.

Otokar products are recognised for their survivability, superior tactical and technical features and high ballistic and mine protection. The vehicles serve various types of missions, including border patrol, APC, fighting vehicle, command post and reconnaissance.

Otokar Tracked Armoured Vehicles

Otokar’s TULPAR tracked armoured vehicle family is designed as a multi-purpose vehicle platform with its significant ballistic and mine protection and superior firepower to support new-generation main battle tanks in battlefield and also for providing fire support for infantry. TULPAR’s high power-to-weight ratio, all-terrain high-performance suspension and automatic track-tensioning system offer superior mobility in diverse terrain and climatic conditions. Otokar is also the prime contractor of ALTAY main battle tank development project of Turkey.

Otokar Turret Systems

With the expansion of its vehicle family, Otokar turned its focus on turret and weapon station development. With almost 30 years of knowledge and expertise in turret systems design and integration, Otokar developed MIZRAK, BOZOK, BASOK, UCOK and KESKIN remote controlled turrets ranging from 7.62mm to 30mm. With its high-performance, high-tech turret systems, Otokar aims to strengthen its platforms and gain competitive advantage worldwide.