Technology is always improving and this means that new areas of application for connectors are continually being developed in the field of military and security services. Some example applications are communication, navigation, radar and electronic defense. Modern armed forces need to carry out a wide range of humanitarian and supply operations, with each operation involving its own unique tactical and technical requirements. Operations in extremely difficult environmental conditions set the benchmark: heat, storm-force winds, and even flash floods require hard-wearing materials and technologies that work flawlessly in the face of temperature differences, dirt, dust, water, vibration and pressure.

Weight savings, durability, easy handling and fast cleaning can be a matter of life or death in extreme cases, as can the secure transmission of high data volumes. ODU AMC® Series T connectors have been developed to allow emergency forces to clean their equipment or replace interfaces with ease, even during operations. These highly robust connectors can be quickly and easily cleaned, even in the field under extreme conditions and stress. A protective cap prevents soiling and ensures the functionality of the plug.

When mated, ODU AMC® Series T connectors meet the requirements of protection class IP6K9K, meaning they protect against dust and water during pressure washing and steam-jet cleaning. With the use of a protective cap they are dust-proof in accordance with IP68 and protected against continuous immersion in water.