A standard high-low temperature test in MemoSolid includes a full process of temperature cycles, cold start and temperature changing.

Note: Due to the changing high temperature and low temperature, the SATA cable is easily expanded with heat and contracted with cold. Also, the SATA cable is an easily consumed product. So, the testing setup must be ensured reliable before each high-low temperature tests. This is very important.

MemoSolid Temperature Test Cycles:

MemoSolid start the room temperature at 25°C, then increase to 90°C; decrease the temperature into -45°C, then increase to 60°C; decrease the temperature into -45°C again, then increase to room temperature at 25°C. This full process will include two times cold-start at -45°C, which is very important for industrial and military environments. A whole process costs about 16 hours.

Industrial temperature standard is -40°C to 85°C. As for the temperature difference at the high-low temperature chamber, all of SSD design with the temperature -45°C to 90°C range. Each rugged SSD must pass rigorous -40°C to 85°C temperature testing curve in our laboratory before shipping to ensure no any temperature failure at end-user situation environment.

Test Process:

  1. Power on the SSD, to set the temperature at 90°C. Start to do burn-in test accordingly. It will cost about 1 hour from room temperature 25°C to 90°C, then keep another hour at 90°C, and do a regular burn-in test. This process costs about two hours.
  2. Power off the SSD, and to set the temperature at -45°C. Start to decrease the temperature into -45°C slowly. It usually costs two hours from 90°C to -45°C.
  3. Keep the SSD under -45°C about two hours, then start to power on at -45°C, and do regular burn-in test about one hour. It is one cold-start test.
  4. Set the temperature at 60°C, and do regular burn-in test from -45°C. And this cost about two hours.
  5. When the temperature is at 60°C, keep the burn-in test for one hour;
  6. Set the temperature at -45°C, power off the system to decrease the temperature to -45°C slowly.
  7. Keep the SSD status power off under -45°C for one hour, and power-on the SSD and do burn-in test again for one hour. It is another cold-start test.
  8. Next, increase the temperature into room temperature at 25°C, and do regular burn-in tests accordingly.

The whole test includes a power-on and power-off process. Of course, it is a default programme in the machine and system. The whole process is operated automatically.

After the whole process is finished, the MemoSolid operator will check any errors occurs during the whole high-low temperature tests. If any error occurs in the process, the test failed.

In addition, MemoSolid can also provide specially designed rugged SSDs under an extreme wider temperature range of -55°C to 95°C, which is specifically requested in some industrial, military and aerospace projects.

There are no many such supplier and manufacturer in the SSD fields, because to fulfil cold-start at -55°C stably is a considerable challenge.

MemoSolid is a global high-end industrial and military-secure solid state drive (SSD) provider and manufacturer.

We target naval, air, space, land, industrial, transportation markets. With more than ten years of experience, we deliver industrial-grade wide temperature, excellent performance, high-level reliability and military secure SSD products to defence, aerospace, industrial, embedded applications when any risk is not an option to our customers.