Leonardo DRS recently announced that it has signed an agreement with Sierra Olympic Technologies, Inc. (SOTI) to become its US master distributor of commercial uncooled thermal cores. The agreement will allow Leonardo DRS to put more focus on research and development of uncooled thermal technologies.

Under the agreement, SOTI will assume sales and distribution responsibilities for US-based original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers who integrate the popular Leonardo DRS Tamarisk® line of uncooled infrared camera cores for a variety of dual-use applications. The arrangement balances DRS’s continued commitment to cutting-edge infrared sensor development, while SOTI focuses on supporting commercial customers by introducing new product offerings and providing highly responsive customer service.

“This agreement ensures that our US commercial customer base continues to receive superior service from a trusted industry partner and allows Leonardo DRS to focus on product innovation and international market expansion,” said Shawn Black, Vice President and General Manager, Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems Division of Leonardo DRS.

“We see tremendous opportunity in growing our existing strategic international arrangements with OEMs spanning the security and surveillance, personal vision, and consumer automotive markets,” Black said.

SOTI founders started the company in 1995, with a focus on commercial infrared business involving cooled and uncooled infrared cameras. In 2003, SOTI began offering early models of DRS’s uncooled cores, which later evolved into the Tamarisk® line of OEM thermal cores. Leveraging decades of experience with advanced focal plane array technologies and specialised design capabilities, SOTI is uniquely situated to support Leonardo DRS’ existing US commercial customers while expanding to new vertical markets.

“We’re excited to embark on this extended role with Leonardo DRS and feel that our industry sales expertise and effective commercial business model is an ideal match for their class-leading infrared product line,” Chris Johnston, President of SOTI, remarked.

Leonardo DRS will continue to sell its uncooled thermal sensors and camera cores directly to defence prime contractors, US military and allied forces while supporting new and existing programmes. Leonardo DRS will also continue to engage directly with research laboratories as the company continues to focus on technology development efforts supporting the US troops. Additionally, Leonardo DRS will continue to service ongoing and emerging international business opportunities spanning both military and commercial applications.