As serial production of armoured conversions of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is ramping up, TSS International BV is noticing increased interest in its carefully selected mobility products for armoured vehicles.

Particularly the collaboration with MOV’IT for a complete brake system, with OEM compatible Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), is receiving a lot of attention. The innovative design offers a plug-and-play solution for increased braking power and a fully functional EPB. Designed for vehicles with armouring packages up to VR9, stopping power no longer needs to be an issue for protected vehicles.


  • 384x36mm ventilated and drilled brake discs
  • Steel, 4-piston front axle callipers
  • Steel, OEM-EPB compatible rear axle callipers
  • Steel braided, reinforced brake lines with teflon sleeves
  • Increased friction surface

Enquire via for a complete spec sheet.

Complete your Armour Mobility package for the Land Cruiser 300 with the following synergetic products, available through TSS International BV:

  • TSS Heavy Duty Runflat Wheel Assemblies with 2250kgs payload and 100km runflat performance.
  • JRZ Suspension (adjustable) shock absorbers, complete with springs and sway bars
  • TSS ProtecTank®, for weight-saving, self-sealing and flame-retardant fuel tank protection
  • SKYDEX Technologies’ shock mitigation mats, for VPAM Edition 3 proof lower leg protection
  • B&G Intercoms, for roadblock-proof communication from within an armoured vehicle