Many organisations are turning to secure firmware USB devices by Kanguru that focus on helping protect from malicious third-party firmware-based attacks. With RSA-2048, digitally-signed secure firmware, the non-encrypted Kanguru FlashTrust™ USB flash drive offers consumers and organisations the same level of trusted secure firmware protection typically reserved for encrypted, high-end flash drives to non-encrypted USB device users.

In addition, the Kanguru UltraLock™ Hard Drive, Solid State Drive, Kanguru Slim DVD Burner, and Slim Blu-ray Burner offer similar protected firmware to protect an organisation’s infrastructure from malware.

The purpose of secure firmware USB devices is to help security-conscious organisations defend against potential, malicious firmware-based attacks (also known as “badUSB”) with on-board, RSA-2048, digitally-signed secure firmware. If a Kanguru secure firmware USB device is tampered with by a third-party hacker in any way, the firmware on the USB device is designed to shut down the drive, protecting networks from a nasty threat of malware.