IR.Tools™, a leading provider of IR (infrared) protection for the Military and Law Enforcement has announced the patent approval of a new Universal Zeroing Target (UZT) for Advanced Weapon Sights.

With the increased use of advanced optics across both markets, Tom Boyer, lead engineer and owner of IR.Tools saw the lack of zeroing support for these weapons. Merging his infrared film knowledge with optical expertise,Tom led the IR.Tools team to focus on cracking the code for advanced optics zeroing.

They found traditional zeroing did not meet precision and convenience requirements. First, they resolved how each specific weapon system detects IR film. As a result, a different 2cm square IR film piece for zeroing a Day Laser/IR Laser, Night Vision and Thermal Weapon sight was developed. And they found a way to include all the specific film pieces on one target. A one stop zeroing target.

“We are really proud of this New Universal Zeroing Target patent. Finally, there is zeroing support for weapons with advanced optics. When forced to make a critical, split-second decision users can be confident their shot will be accurate.” said Tom.

Included with the purchase of the target is access to a free optic/rifle configuration app. The app is the first crowdsourced POA/POI offset database in the world. In addition, the Universal Zeroing Target has been tested and recommended by the members of the National Tactical Officers Association.