New training resource: Learning Center at IR.Tools

We are super excited to unveil our brand-new Learning Center.

This will be a dedicated hub for all things infrared in the IR.Tools world.

Since I founded this company in 2006, I’ve been passionate about educating our dealers and customers on the ins and outs of infrared technology and its crucial role in protection and identification.

Over the years, I’ve penned numerous blogs and created short video clips with tips and instructions to help soldiers, officers, and now sportsmen to effectively utilize our patches, markers and targets.

The overwhelming reception of this content is always positive with requests to keep it coming. So, to meet the demand, we took steps to streamline and organize the material for seekers to easily find.

Our goal is to establish IR.Tools as a training resource for infrared technology and how it protects, identifies, and trains the Military, Law Enforcement and Sportsmen.

How identification led to training

In the beginning, IR.Tools was strictly focused on ‘identification’.

We built ¾” friend or foe identification patches sewn onto every US uniform with our proprietary SandStorm Technology™.  The success of our SandStorm ¾” patch quickly led us to build larger identification patches — US flags, Nation flags, call signs, morale logos, and more.

A few years later, we expanded our offering to include identification built with thermal films — patches, panels, and markers. Soldiers and police quickly found the value of thermal identification when using thermal imagers in their operations.

The introduction of thermal film in a patch or panel paved the way for the expansion of thermal training targets. In a short time, we had two patents on infrared zeroing targets — Thermal Zeroing Target and Universal Zeroing Target.  In addition to the zeroing targets, we built large thermal targets and a specialized heated target for indoor and outdoor training.

Drone training with thermal discs

Training had become part of our identity, so when the Texas Department of Safety and the CA Regional Training Center approached us for NIST-compliant thermal training discs, we accepted the challenge without hesitation.

After a lot of back and forth, we seamlessly merged the existing visible training discs with thermal film.

With all five levels of the NIST certification complete, NIST trainers are equipped with versatile discs for visible and thermal training scenarios.

Drone training with 2D dummies

Almost daily, we are reminded of the remarkable rescues made possible by the advanced technology of infrared cameras.

In response to this,  IR.Tools teamed up with 2D Dummies to build a life-like training dummy designed for both visible and infrared camera training. Our exclusive Upright thermal film, featured on one side of the dummy, enables officers to train with a thermal imager to learn how to interpret a heat signature.

Officers appreciate the convenience of not having to lie down in the woods or fields as part of the training process.

Training you. Infrared 101 — The Basics

Ready to publish and grow our catalogue of information to help you learn more about infrared? 

We published phase #1 of the Learning Center with a focus on the basics of infrared. Our aim in phase #1 is to define infrared and clear up some of the confusion this complex topic brings.

There are five lessons in Infrared 101 — The Basics 

  • Getting Started: What is IR Energy
  • Choosing the Right IFF Protection
  • Video: 4 Key Differences Between IR Reflective and Thermal Film
  • Identifying the Right Film Types
  • Key Differences Between IR and Thermal