AccuBeat’s GPS-Disciplined Rubidium Clock is an ideal timing solution for demanding military requirements.

The AR51A-07 unit is an industrial low profile GPS-Disciplined Rubidium Clock, which offers an excellent stability and accuracy. The unit includes a Rubidium-Atomic-Standard which is phase-locked to the GPS or other external inputs. All outputs are derived from the Rubidium-Atomic-Standard and maintain highly accurate time and frequency even when GPS reception is interrupted.

When disciplined to GPS the unit provides time accuracy of <20ns RMS and frequency accuracy better than 2E-12. The AR51A-07 includes Have Quick (ICD-GPS-060) input and output which is essential for secure radio communication applications. The unit can be remote controlled via MIL-STD-1553RT channel which is required in airborne applications.

The unit includes internal GPS receiver (C/A code) and has the option to install P(Y) code SAASM GPS receiver (For more information contact factory). The AR51A-07 is designed for demanding platforms such as airborne, helicopters, UAV’s, shipboard and ground mobile.