Our new ACT 7 water-cooled air conditioner delivers fast and efficient temporary small-scale cooling, making it an appealing stock item for rental companies, event organisations and others with temporary or emergency cooling needs.

Whole-room cooling

Whether the requirement is to cool down a retail space, marquee, small warehouse, server room or even an office where the existing air-conditioning system has broken down, the ACT 7 can deliver efficient cooling in a matter of minutes with no cooling knowledge or special training required to install the unit.

Getting the ACT 7 up and running is simply a matter of connecting the cooling line connectors to the outdoor heat rejection unit. The two 22mm quick connect, self-sealing flexible hoses easily fit into a small window or door opening.

7 kW capacity

The ACT 7 has a cooling capacity of up to 7 kW. It can operate in outdoor temperature ranges from 0°C to 40°C and in inside temperatures from 8°C to 35°C.

13 great reasons to choose the ACT 7

  • Whole-room cooling without the need to continually exhaust internal air.
  • Electronic thermostat keeps the room temperature at any cooling set point between 8°C to 35°C.
  • Smooth, low-sound operation with low energy consumption.
  • Resistant to wear and tear even when moved and reinstalled several times.
  • No cooling knowledge or special training required to install the unit.
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces due to high-gloss painting.
  • Stepless, variable fan speed for improved control and user comfort.
  • Direct air towards desired spot using the adjustable grille.
  • Easy to move both the indoor and outdoor unit. Easily fits through narrow doors and in elevators.
  • Quick-connect cooling line connectors make installation easy and eliminate the need to recharge water lines.
  • Slim water and glycol hose connection eliminates need for large air ducts, meaning that only a small outdoor opening is required.
  • Indoor and outdoor units can be placed up to 30 metres apart and at different heights (up to 10 metres) for increased flexibility.
  • Outdoor unit can stand on ground or hang outside building (chains included).

Renowned Dutch rental company, Dryfast BV, successfully supplies Dantherm’s ACT 7 mobile air conditioners to its customers thanks to their sturdiness, versatility and ease of installation and operation.

The market for temporary air-conditioning solutions is fast-paced as market players are often required to resolve emergency situations right away. Delays can quickly turn catastrophic, for instance if a fixed cooling installation fails in a server room of a financial institution or a similar critical environment.

Dutch Dryfast knows how to accommodate to those requirements with its portfolio of mobile air conditioners which came to include Dantherm’s sturdy ACT 7 mobile airconditioning unit a few years ago.

With seven depots strategically placed across France, Polypoles meets most emergency cooling needs throughout France by renting out more than 100 slim and powerful Dantherm ACT 7 units.

The majority of the customer base uses the ACT 7 for emergency cooling. Rotational periods vary from one week to an entire month. So it is crucial that these mobile units can be handled efficiently to avoid wasting time and money.

“Being well below average industry size, the ACT 7 easily fits through narrow doors, into most elevators and small trucks and vans. In addition, it can be installed by anyone. Heck, some even have truck drivers do it without any problems”, Polypoles Manager Pierre Perrinet states when asked to illustrate just how the unit translates the term versatility into something that’s tangible for the average person.