Neousys Technology, an industry-leading provider of rugged embedded computers, renowned for its high-quality beyond industry standard embedded computers. The company recently announced that its extreme-rugged IP67 waterproof GPU computer SEMIL series were implemented into military vehicles for operation technology applications to act as an operation gateway to monitor devices for any abnormal behaviors resulting from cyber-attacks or viruses.

Connectivity is the basis for an operation technology gateway, and SEMIL has an optional 10Gb Ethernet to connect to the main computer, support for 4G LTE wireless communication module, up to 8x M12 connectors with Power over Ethernet (PoE+) for surveillance IP cameras, optional CAN bus to receive signals from radar, sensors, vehicle control signals, and audio for tactical/ sentinel VoIP.

To secure the camera connections on vehicles, the SEMIL utilizes the M12 connector, which is a popular choice among demanding environments, especially for construction, mining and military. The support of M12 connectors provide extremely secure connections for GbE, COM, and the optional CAN bus can connect to other devices in the vehicle. With wide-temperature SSD and memory, SEMIL can operate from -40 to 70° Celsius for extreme environment deployments.

Electrical outage or fluctuation causes the computer to go into an unexpected shutdown process, which may cause hardware damage and data loss. The embedded 2500 Watt-second power backup module supporting in-vehicle ignition control can ensure data integrity and protect hardware from damage by sustaining SEMIL’s operation to a proper shutdown during a power outage on vehicles. Compared to traditional battery-based UPS, the embedded SuperCAP UPS has a life span of up to 10 years or 500,000 charge/discharge cycles, which makes the edge computer even more reliable. Furthermore, the ignition control mode can operate in an in-vehicle environment to execute user-configurable power-on/ power-off delay.

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