Pearson Engineering had the pleasure of hosting Stephen Phipson (Chief Executive Officer) and Helen Bowler (Head of Key Accounts) from EEF (The Manufacturer’s Organisation) to Newcastle upon Tyne this month.

Following a short introduction from Managing Director, Mr Craig Priday, a talk was given by Mr Phipson to Pearson Engineering senior management who were also joined by members of our sister company Responsive Engineering’s senior management.   In an illuminating talk, he expanded on the role and function of EEF, alongside a strategic view of Brexit before taking questions on a wide range of topics.

During their visit, the EEF team were able to undertake a site tour of the complete Armstrong Works facility and Mr Phipson added:

“It was a pleasure to visit Pearson and to see what makes a world beating sophisticated engineering company tick in the North East. I’m lucky in my role to travel around the UK seeing all types of companies in different sectors. One theme that runs through all the successful ones, however, is a highly motivated and skilled workforce and it was clear to me that this is the very strong culture at Pearson Engineering.

“As we move forward into the next generation of technologies demand for complex and innovative products is going to increase. It was clear to me that Pearson is well placed to deliver products that meet that criteria and I wish the company every success.”