Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division recently introduced a new version of its award-winning OpenHPEC™ Accelerator Suite software toolkit targeting the needs of system integrators designing multi-core-based ISR and EW applications intended for deployment on smaller systems.

OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite LX (OpenHPEC LX) provides tailored tools derived from the original OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite, the industry’s first set of development tools to bring best-of-class open architecture APIs and tools from the Commercial HPC market to COTS system integrators.

OpenHPEC LX provides the user with a system controller/manager that configures the system and simplifies the management and synchronising of software across multiple independent nodes. It features ARM’s (formerly Allinea) DDT debugger and profiler to provide high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) system integrators with advanced capabilities for debugging and optimisation of multi-threaded software.

OpenHPEC LX greatly improves time-to-deployment with powerful tools such as System Framework Bit and Data Flow. While the original full-featured OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite is ideal for developing and debugging large systems (more than four nodes), the new OpenHPEC LX is designed specifically for use with small HPEC systems ranging in node sizes from one to four. This powerful software toolkit enables system integrators to speed and ease the development of super computing-class systems for demanding applications such as radar processing, image processing, sensor processing SIGINT, ISR, and EW.

“Our original OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite of HPEC software tools, recently recognised by Military and Aerospace Electronics magazine with its prestigious Platinum Innovators Award, was the first to bring proven commercial HPC market development solutions to the COTS defence market,” said Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Defense Solutions division. “Now, with our new cost-effective OpenHPEC LX we are bringing this same breakthrough approach to developers of small-scale embedded software clusters to help drive an easier and faster development cycle.”

About Curtiss-Wright’s OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite:

The OpenHPEC approach effectively removes the risk from developing embedded computer clusters. Curtiss-Wright’s family of OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite development tools brings the benefits of open standard HPC software tools to the COTS market. These software development toolsets provide HPEC system developers with a broad and comprehensive array of open standard drivers, middleware and libraries, as well as proven solutions such as cluster-wide debugging tools, performance profiling, performance reports, data flow performance analysis, and built-in-test tools, all of which have already been developed and qualified for Commercial HPC use.

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