Defence and security industries require military cases that can combat rough handling, extreme climates, environmental hazards and unpredictable conditions. Lifesaving equipment requires the right casing which is why CP Cases offers a variety of different cases with IP ratings from IP54 to IP65.

Helmet cases

Helmets are vital pieces of defence equipment that can save lives. This is why it’s important that they are properly stored so as to protect them during transportation. Our helmet cases are specifically designed for helicopter pilot helmets which cost a great deal of money and so require the most premium cases. Made using AluWeld, these high-tensile aluminium cases offer maximum protection against environmental hazards.

Inside the case, we use engineered foam to cushion the helmet and the exterior has been swaged to increase stiffness by 25%. These lightweight cases are practical in design and effective in protecting military helmets.

Medical cases

Lifesaving medical supplies need to be transported safely, especially in military situations. CP Cases medical equipment cases provide tough water-resistant transportation for vital medical supplies. With a variety of customisation options, medical cases can be supplied with drawers to help organise and secure medical equipment.

Hygiene is paramount when transporting medical equipment which is why our cases are made from polyethylene which has zero fungal growth and is tested to MIL-STD-810F.

Rugged food containers

Military food containers need to be able to withstand extreme environments and rough handling. Food is fuel and a reliable container is a must for those working in defence and security. At CP Cases we have a range of rugged food containers made using food-grade polyethylene which is hygienic with no fungal growth and resistant to corrosion. Designed to hold standard gastronorm trays, rugged food containers can be washed in dishwashers without becoming distorted.

The six stainless steel catches seal in the heat, with a loss of no more than 11 C in over two hours. These rugged food containers are made for serving food in the most extreme conditions, being able to withstand a drop of 1000mm without leaking or sustaining damage.

Weapons cases

Transporting military weapons requires rugged cases that can protect expensive equipment from extreme climates and rough handling. Our military weapons cases are tailored to different applications depending on security size, weapon type and more.

The key to an effective weapon case is durability which is why CP Cases military cases are resistant to impact, extreme temperatures and water or dust. Nitrogen-blown polyethylene foam inserts eliminate the possibility of chemical contamination or corrosion, meaning weapons are kept safe and in pristine condition.

Amazon cases

Amazon cases are designed for military markets made for transit and storage of defence and security equipment. For maximum capacity storage and inter-stackable, amazon cases are the ultimate transportation for military equipment.

Made for air transport, amazon military flight cases are moulded from rugged polyethylene that can withstand rough treatment and extreme climates. UV stabilised, easily cleaned and corrosion resistant, these cases are ideal for transit and storage.

Extreme military environments require rugged cases to transport and store the highest grade of defence equipment. Having the right storage solutions will ensure that equipment lasts longer and performs at its best. At CP Cases, we have a variety of different custom cases for all defence and security uses.