General Dynamics European Land Systems-Bridge Systems will deliver four PYTHON bridge systems to Georgia as part of the “Enable and Enhance Initiative” set up by the Federal Government of Germany. Each bridge is mounted along with its launcher on an 8×8 carrier truck with palletized load system. The four systems are to be delivered within the next two years.

The “Enable and Enhance Initiative” aims at investing in the civil and military security sectors of countries threatened by crisis, and thus at strengthening their ability to prevent and manage latent conflicts.

PYTHON has been developed as a rapidly emplaced bridge for light and medium-weight forces. It can bridge obstacles of up to 13 meters and carry vehicles of load classifications up to MLC 50. The high- ensile aluminum bridge is designed to be carried by armored and unarmored wheeled vehicles and is air transportable. As a typical dual-use product it can be used in both military and disaster relief operations.

Depicted is PYTHON in a comparable configuration.