Every industry has valuable equipment that is fundamental to how their organisation performs, whether it be in the defence and military sector or in the broadcasting field. With this reliance on expensive equipment comes the need for suitable storage solutions and ways to ensure the protection of property. This is where server racks come in handy. Server racks can be used for many different purposes and are the ideal solution for keeping equipment safe and secure. There are numerous advantages of using server racks including them offering an improved level of security and neatly organising space. Here at CP Cases, we have decided to go that extra mile to offer customisable options for your server racks, designing them specifically so that they are more fitting and beneficial to your personal needs.

Customisable options

Having storage that is right for your specific requirements is crucial for effective work performance which is why CP Cases create personalised server rack designs for your individual needs. By investing in server racks that have been created to suit the requirements of your organisation, you are able to choose features that will benefit you the most, whilst feeling confident that your equipment is secure and well protected.

A popular customisation feature is the addition of climate control systems that can prevent overheating, keeping all electrical equipment cool and safe. This can be highly beneficial to organisations that operate in extreme weather conditions such as within the marine and energy industry, where there is demand for server racks that are capable of withstanding hazardous surroundings. This feature can also be highly beneficial for those working with medical equipment, as it is often likely that their contents need to be kept at an optimal temperature in order to remain effective.

The ability to customise our server racks means that whatever shape, size or weight of content that needs to be stored, there will be a suitable and effective solution for you. Along with additional features, the server rack can be customised with accessories including drawers or shelves. These can be useful for storing smaller pieces of equipment and having designated storage spaces for each item, will reduce the chances of misplacement and disorganisation.

Improving security

Keeping your equipment secure, and avoiding unauthorised access is critical, especially for organisations working with sensitive information. Our 19-inch server racks are available in many different styles and materials, to ensure your goods are kept protected at all times.

For optimal security, server racks can even be custom-fitted with system shielding’s which have become increasingly more important as more complex electrical devices face the challenge of malfunctioning if wrong interacting with external systems. To avoid this, CP Cases offers EMI shielding, which adds another layer of security. TEMPEST shielding prevents sensitive equipment from emanating electromagnetic radiation that may carry classified information, helping to prevent risks of data leaks. EMI shielding however can be incredibly useful when storing multiple devices, as it stops the transfer of energy between technology, thus reducing the chances of malfunction. Improving the safety of highly valuable equipment is one of the most advantageous aspects of our server racks.

Organising space

By choosing the right server rack for your unique needs, you will be able to optimise your space, giving more order and functionality to the workspace. With a storage solution that has been designed to fit your specific contents, there is no wasted space and equipment can remain snuggly fit, without the risk of moving around or getting misplaced. Many of our server racks, including the STRATORACK, are beneficially lightweight and stackable, meaning you can easily arrange your equipment upwards, optimising the floor space. In addition, the optional addition of integral wheels means your server rack can also be easily transported and no extra equipment is needed to assist with moving processes or future relocations. Along with the perk of having an aesthetically pleasing environment, server racks can also prevent injuries from falling equipment, and potential damage to expensive equipment.

Whatever the industry, using high-quality server racks can be incredibly beneficial and can change the way equipment is maintained and protected, whether that be from damage or from electrical interference.

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