Rugged textiles equipment cases can be used within many different industries and can be customised with features that make them fit for each individual user. They are designed to function as a protective and portable storage solution for valuable equipment and can be highly beneficial to keeping industrial equipment secure.

What features do rugged textiles cases contain?

Rugged textile cases and bags are manufactured using tough Cordura fabrics and other durable materials, yet are incredibly lightweight. They are available in different styles including the standard flapped or zipped bag, hand-held briefcases, or pull-along cases. Various useful elements can be incorporated into the case design, depending on how the bags are intended to be used. Typical cases include shoulder and hand grips and are padded to protect against dirt, rain and extreme temperatures. These features also make the bags more comfortable and convenient to handle.

Additional optional features include:

  • Slings
  • Clasps
  • Clips
  • Closures (including zips, poppers and Velcro – depending on personal preference)
  • Dividers

How can rugged textiles cases be customised?

Rugged textile equipment cases can be completely customised from the initial consultation. Orders begin with a standard case template, but can be designed further to fit certain functionality needs. During early discussions, features can be requested and measurements are taken, as each case will be made specifically for the dimensions of future contents. Once the design stage begins, sketches and prototypes will be available throughout the process, up until the final product to ensure it’s meeting client criteria.

Case features (as mentioned above) are optional for individual client requirements, so clients can opt for velcro closure for easy use, or zipped for added security where best suited. If the bag needs to be transported often, clients may choose to add wheels or a telescopic handle for easier movement. Common features that are added to these cases include specialised foam interiors to cushion easily damaged goods. Impact resistance, anti-vibration, forced cooling, anti-fungal, and anti-static are all also important features that can be included in industry-specific designs.

Whilst practical, tough and lightweight, the aesthetic aspects of the cases are never overlooked and can also be customised to suit the brand. They are available in many different colours and the material can be embroidered with logos to maintain a client’s image and reputation.

Which industries are rugged textile cases best suited for? 

Rugged textile equipment cases are ideal for industries in which high-value equipment or tools are transported frequently. The cases are designed to protect items such as electronics, surgical instruments, and engineering tools, so can be utilised in various industries.

The broadcast industry can benefit heavily from rugged textile cases as they are perfect for storing cameras, and audio apparatus in a way that is secure but also easy to access when filming or catching live footage. Similarly, with hire companies working for live events, audio-visual equipment such as monitors or projectors will need tough, reusable cases to keep equipment safe whilst travelling between venues.

Another industry that rugged textile cases are well suited for is the military and defence. For professionals in this industry, keeping personal equipment at hand is vital, so these lightweight bags can be designed for comfortable and convenient use. They also need to be durable and withstand different environments, which is easily achievable with rugged textile cases with their tough exterior and environmental controlled features.

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