Aluminium flight cases are an incredibly useful product complete with strength and style. These cases are able to withstand severe impact and protect valuable contents, whilst being lighter and more resistant than traditional designs. At CP Cases, we offer two varieties of aluminium flight cases with individual qualities that are beneficial to different purposes: AluCurve and AluWeld. Here we delve into the differences between AluCurve and AluWeld to discover the advantages of the designs.

What is AluCurve and AluWeld?

AluCurve flight cases are made from welded 2mm rigidised aluminium and are constructed without edge corner welds to prevent the risk of seam splitting. They are reinforced with durable pre-pressed corners which strengthens the edges of the cases and makes them extra resistant to high-impact drop damage. These AluCurve cases have also been thoughtfully created for practicality, including features such as recessed handles and indents for convenient stacking.

On the other hand, Aluweld flight cases have an incredibly tough design, yet are actually lighter than traditional laminated plywood cases and meet the strict US ATA300 Cat1 standard of a minimum 100 return air trips. Manufactured using high-tensile aluminium and having robotically-welded seams and joints, these cases are extremely reliable and can withstand even the most strenuous climates and weather conditions. The AluWeld case also has an ideal strength-to-weight ratio.

What are the benefits of AluCurve cases?

There are many advantages of using an AluCurve flight case which offers the perfect balance between style and protection.

The lack of corner welds means the cases are rounded so they are safer to handle and have a smoother finish. This doesn’t withdraw from the case’s strength which is intensified by the pre-pressed corners. This feature means the case is able to endure the highest levels of drop damage.

Another advantage of the AluCurve case is its ability to be customised with colour-coded ‘smarties’ so that branding can be established, or for the convenience of being able to organise equipment into easy-to-identify colour-coordinated categories. This design is ideal for owners who are in need of a high protection and stylish case and are particularly popular within the broadcast industry.

What are the benefits of AluWeld cases?

The tough and made-to-last design of AluWeld also has many advantages. These flight cases are weatherproof to IP54, meaning they are ideal for withstanding intense and challenging environments. They have been specifically designed with interlocking lids and body seals that prevent external matter, such as rain and dirt, from infiltrating the contents of the case.

Along with this, AluWeld flight cases are custom manufactured to meet exact requirements. This means that features that are more fitting for individual needs, such as impact-resistant nylon corners, can be incorporated into the case design. Being completely customisable makes the AluWeld case perfect for a wide range of industries, including medical and defence.

Which industries are AluCurve and AluWeld cases used in?

Whilst both AluCurve and AluWeld cases can be advantageous to a variety of industries, their unique features make them more suitable for use in specific markets.

AluWeld cases’ ability to be customised makes them ideal for industries that require intricate designs, such as cases that can hold various sized or shaped equipment. For example, when used in the medical industry, it’s vital that medical supplies are transported safely. AluWeld cases can be manufactured with suitable indents and shelving to secure equipment and prevent spillages or movement when handled.
The lightweight design of AluWeld cases also makes them ideal for industries with heavy equipment or high levels of storage needs, such as the defence and broadcast industry. For example, AluWeld helmet cases are effective as the strength and weight ratio makes them ideal for carrying large quantities of equipment without becoming bulky or inconvenient.

AluCurve cases’ tough and durable design also makes them perfect for industries with high-value equipment. Broadcast media is a key industry that can make use of AluCurve cases, as electronic equipment is often expensive and takes up a lot of space. By keeping valuable equipment in AluCurve cases, it protects against breakages that could have a financial impact. Also, as the AluCurve cases are ideal for stacking, storing broadcasting equipment is more efficient and saves space.

Another industry that AluCurve cases are ideal for is the military, as the cases offer maximum protection and can sustain harsh environments. They are designed to combat the most difficult levels of rough handling that they are likely to be subjected to during military use.

If you are interested in finding out more about AluWeld and AluCurve cases, get in touch with CP Cases today.