Electric motorised winch STV-EW is intended to be used with winch driven telescopic masts type STV. STV-EW is an add-on product to the hand-driven winch type 651 or 501. It enables easier elevating and retracting of the mast by wire remote control unit especially in case of higher mast heights and heavier loads.

The electric winch unit mechanically consists of a 24V electric motor and worm gearbox with torque limiter. It is laterally attached to the manual winch on the position of the handle and easily secured with 2 stand screws by hand (no tool is required).

A remote control together with high power contactors is used for elevating or lowering the mast. In case of electric failure, the electric winch can be removed and mast manually operated by the handle. Winch has also a torque limiter to prevent any possible mast damages and automatic fuse to prevent electrical current overdraw.

On average the electric winch STV-EW can elevate fully loaded mast STV-18/128 in approximately one minute time.