Southwest Antennas has announced the release of a pair of new wideband omnidirectional antennas designed specifically for use with current and next-generation multi-band tactical radio systems and MIMO / MANET radios.

These new omnidirectional antennas are tuned for high-performance operation and offer excellent electrical performance across the entire 1.35 – 2.5 GHz operating band, with 100W power handling and peak gain of 2.4 dBi.

Wideband antennas offer users additional flexibility when deploying networks in contested RF environments and can be paired with multi-band tactical radios to avoid interference by rapidly switching bands within the antenna’s operational frequency range, allowing for continuous communication and data exchange within these contested environments.

The wide operating bandwidth also makes these antennas ideal for use across a wide range of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications, including manned and unmanned ground and airborne surveillance platforms.

Two antenna base options are available:

  1. Southwest Antennas Part #: 1001-228 with integrated flexible RF coaxial gooseneck, which can bend and hold the antenna in non-vertical positions or easily placed through MOLLE straps.
  2. Southwest Antennas Part #: 1001-230 with weatherproof sealed spring base, which allows the antenna to bend and flex upon impact and minimize risk of damage to mated RF connectors.

To improve antenna performance and operator usability, these antennas feature rugged cylindrical fiberglass radomes. The cylinder shape provides the antenna additional strength and eliminates issues with flat “paddle” radomes. This mechanical design coupled with proprietary antenna tuning technique ensures excellent performance and efficiency across the antenna’s entire operational frequency.


  • Wideband Omni-Directional Antenna
  • 35 – 2.5 GHz Continuous Coverage
  • 100W Power Handling
  • 4 dBi Omni Radiation Pattern
  • Integrated Sealed RF Coaxial Gooseneck or sealed spring base
  • Black Chrome TNC(m) Connector


  • Tactical radio systems
  • Hand-held or bodyworn radios
  • Support for radios with multi-band or wideband operational capabilities
  • C4ISR / EW / SIGINT applications
  • DOD / military band applications
  • Law enforcement band applications
  • Homeland Security band applications
  • Unmanned systems and ground control stations
  • High band cellular & 2.4 GHz ISM band coverage

These products are available now from Southwest Antennas, authorized sales representatives, and distributors.