Military wheels, tracks, tyres and runflats ensure the mobility of vehicles within modern defence forces. High-quality products will increase the efficiency and reliability of military vehicle fleets in rough terrains and adverse combat conditions. 

Discover suppliers of military wheels, tracks, tyres and runflats

Army Technology has listed leading suppliers of tracks, wheels, tyres and runflat products, including steel tracks, sprockets, rubber track pads, wheel rims and assemblies, road wheels and idler wheels for main battle tanks, armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as logistics vehicles, heavy load carriers, and trucks. 

The information in the download document is useful for strategists, procurement officers, technicians, logistics specialists, and other individuals involved in the acquiring, operating and maintaining tracks, wheels, tyres and runflat inserts. 

The document contains detailed information on the suppliers and their products, alongside contact details to inform your purchasing decision.

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Tracks, wheels, tyres and runflats for defence forces

Tracks, wheels, tyres and runflats designed for military applications include:

  • Continuous mobility solutions, runflat systems, and wheel assemblies for armoured vehicles 
  • Robust rubber track pads for military vehicles 
  • Military-grade tyre sealants 
  • Rubber components for tanks, armoured combat vehicles, and protective apparel 
  • Flat tyre protection for military and defence vehicles 
  • Runflat insert technology for military wheels 
  • Runflats, beadlocks and military jeep wheels 
  • Pads for the wheels of military transport and tracked vehicles 
  • Tyre pressure control systems 

Reliable military wheels, runflats and beadlocks

Military-grade wheels made from lightweight aluminium reduce vehicular weight and increase survivability compared with steel wheels in the event of an explosion. Custom-designed wheel assemblies such as runflat systems, beadlocks and tyre inflation systems increase crew comfort, reliability and service life, while reducing noise and vibrations. 

Lightweight tyre and wheel products help reduce the weight of military vehicles. Some products also allow users to install additional armour protection systems to increase crew safety.