Robotics systems, such as unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), are increasingly being incorporated into military forces as they act as force multipliers and can carry different payloads. The systems can be operated remotely or autonomously and can be deployed in dangerous combat situations. Military robotics companies are playing an ever-increasing role in the capabilities of modern armed forces.

Discover the leading military robotics companies in defence

Using its experience in the sector, Army Technology has listed some of the leading companies providing products and services related to robotics.

The information provided in the download document is drafted for military executives and technology leaders involved in military robotics solutions.

The download contains detailed information on suppliers and their product offerings, alongside contact details to aid purchase or hiring decisions.

Among the leading suppliers of military robotics solutions are Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Leidos, Lockheed Martin, Elbit Systems, Rheinmetall, CETC, Aselsan, LIG Nex1 and DSME.

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Applications of robotic systems and UGVs in the Army

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)

EOD and demining are major applications of robotic systems, which enable the surveillance, detection, and neutralisation of explosive threats from a safe distance. EOD robots can be used by bomb detection experts to safely disarm or detect an explosive threat.

Swarm tactics

Robotic systems can also be used to enable swarm tactics in combat operations. The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is currently developing the OFFSET (Offensive Swarm-Enable Tactics) programme, which aims to integrate more than 250 unmanned air and/or ground systems into small infantry forces to accomplish various missions.

Last-mile resupply

Last-mile resupply involves the delivery of combat supplies from the base location to the forward location. The British Army is currently implementing the Autonomous Last Mile Resupply programme, which aims to deliver supplies to front-line combat troops using unmanned systems.

Load carriers

Robots can serve as load carriers and can be used to carry water, ammunition, supplies and batteries for dismounted soldiers. They can ease the load of army ground forces and make them more agile on the battlefield.


Exoskeletons are increasingly being adopted into military operations to support soldiers to do heavy-duty work such as carrying heavy loads and loading ammunition. Military robotics companies are also developing exoskeletons in the form of wearable suits that can provide bulletproof protection and enhanced situational awareness to soldiers.