Military vehicles come with different power pack configurations to perform a variety of missions across a spectrum of environmental and terrain conditions.

Armed forces are increasingly looking for technologically superior and more robust propulsion systems to enhance the battlefield performance of their land platforms, including heavy armoured vehicles, such as infantry fighting vehicles and main battle tanks.

Finding the best military power pack suppliers

Army Technology has listed some of the leading suppliers of power pack equipment and solutions for military land platforms based on its intel, insights, and decades-long experience in the sector.

The list includes suppliers of high torque transmission and efficient cooling systems, and other power pack components of military vehicles, as well as the manufacturers of robust, rugged portable battery packs for military applications.

The list also includes specialists in configuration, repair and maintenance of powertrain parts of different military land platforms.

The information contained within the download document is useful for military mission planners, strategists, army mission and base commanders, technicians, engineers, system integrators, senior procurement executives, and any other individual involved in the acquisition, operation and maintenance of military land platforms.

The download contains detailed information on suppliers and their product and service lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing or hiring decision.

Military vehicle power pack components

Power pack comprises the core of military combat and support vehicles. It includes every component that thrusts the platform into motion.

The main power pack components used in military land platforms include, but are not limited to:

  • Diesel/ hybrid electric engines
  • Manual/automatic/continuously variable/semi-automatic transmissions
  • Starters and generators
  • Cooling, air intake and exhaust systems
  • Air-condition compressors, hydraulic pumps, transfer cases, and drive shafts
  • Lead-acid/lithium-ion battery packs, and
  • DC/AC and DC/DC converters, electric traction motors, and onboard chargers for electric vehicles

Advanced powertrain technologies for military land platforms

Modern powertrain technologies for military vehicles are focused on delivering increased fuel efficiency, higher power-to-weight ratio, advanced combat transmission efficiency, and reduced thermal and noise signatures for stealthier and more powerful performance on the battlefield while providing the vehicles with new energy-based capabilities such as electrified armour and high-energy lasers.

Furthermore, increased investments in military vehicle electrification technologies are expected to result in higher adoption of hybrid and electric engines and smart lithium-ion traction batteries for military applications and drive the growth of unmanned armoured vehicle platforms.