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UK MoD reveals new in-service dates for Ajax vehicle programme

The Ajax fleet is now expected to achieve IOC between July and December 2025 and FOC between October 2028 and September 2029.

US to send additional ammunition and equipment to Ukraine

Ukraine will also receive 155mm artillery ammunition under a joint procurement project involving 18 EU member states.

British Army completes five-week course to train Gambian forces

The effort aimed to develop the GAF’s capabilities to support training of their own soldiers to undertake UN missions.

Boeing to produce 184 AH-64E helicopters for US and allied forces

This contract involves delivery of 115 Apaches to the US Army and 54 to FMS customers, including Australia and Egypt.

Rheinmetall sales increase by 13% in fiscal year 2022

The company’s Vehicle Systems and Weapon and Ammunition divisions recorded increased consolidated sales.

Estonia to provide sniper rifles and military equipment to Ukraine

Special forces equipment approved under this package include sights, thermal cameras, binoculars, and patrol boats.

MilDef to manufacture components for UK Army Challenger 3 MBTs

Deliveries under this contract are expected to take place between 2023 and 2029.

Canada to donate more missiles and ammunition to Ukraine

The package includes 12 air defence missiles, 8,000 rounds of 155mm ammunition, and 1,800 rounds of 105mm ammunition.

US and Philippine armies hold ‘Salaknib’ training exercise

This year’s exercise will see over 3,000 troops train in a variety of military operations.

India’s DRDO performs two consecutive flight tests of VSHORADS

VSHORADS has been developed by DRDO laboratories, Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad, and industry partners.