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Laura Husband

Global Defence Technology: Issue 27

In this issue: The potential implications of the UK’s biological weapons strategy, the controversy behind doping soldiers with performance enhancing drugs, HALE UAVs versus proven technology, the Royal Navy’s hydrographic work and much more.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 26

In this issue: How hyper-realistic training is taking the classroom to the battlefield, a prototype airship that could deliver heavy loads to inaccessible places, a new technology that could simplify the lock and launch procedure for snipers, and much more.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 23

In this issue: The European Defence Agency’s conflict-ready interoperability, a new technology for operating multiple systems with one hand, cutting-edge research on power conservation for unmanned systems, why the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship has come under criticism, plus more.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 21

In this issue: how over a million fake components made it into the US Air Force’s supply chain, technology to detect biological threats, the F-16 AIDEWS radar warning system and progress of the US Navy’s railgun.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 17

In this issue: Mind-controlled arms: fact or science-fiction, Asia’s race for early warning tech, the UK’s carrier saga continues, and more.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 16

In this issue: The UK’s Olympic military security, top multirole attack helicopters, the technology behind fifth-generation fighter air-to-air missiles, automated coast guards, and more.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 15

In this issue: India’s F-INSAS programme, top ten energy-saving tech, the F-35’s F135 engine from concept to testing, Australia’s urgent naval upgrades, and more.

Global Defence Technology Issue 14

In this issue: Mastering military logistics, the latest sniper equipment, leading manufacturers’ UAV strategies, and the next generation of naval training.