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Bespoke harsh environment connector solutions set Omnetics apart from competitors

Growing opportunities for Unmanned Aerial Systems

As technologies continually develop, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) can be used more strategically for environmental and societal benefits beyond purely military uses, using infrastructure that is already in place and operational.

How Omnetics’ customer-centric approach meets increasingly complex connector demands

Five key trends driving change in the global connector market

From Trojans to Covid: Why your business needs counter-surveillance

Once confined to government and law enforcement applications, counter-surveillance equipment and TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures) have become essential for a number of industries and private enterprises due to the advent of sophisticated hacking and spy technology.

Micro and nano-miniature connector experts for defence and aerospace customers: Interview with Omnetics’ Scott Unzen

As a leader in the industry, Omnetics Connector Corporation develops and supplies micro-miniature and nano-miniature electronic connectors and interconnect solutions for customers in the defence and aerospace sectors.

Critical infrastructure security solutions: How to protect vital projects in an uncertain age

The technological solutions utilised by industrial and governmental bodies are becoming increasingly advanced, but with the onset of an era of new solutions comes a wave of new security risks.