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Bomb disposal robots: the new frontier

Bomb disposal robots have been around a long time and the technology has come a long way. One of the latest, Taurus, is piloted with a virtual reality headset giving pilots unprecedented control. From autonomy to battery innovations, what trends are most prevalent in the world of bomb disposal robots?

All clear: the onset of see-through armour

Sensor expert Hensoldt recently unveiled its new Local Situational Awareness System (LSAS) for wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles. It is designed to avoid the weaknesses caused by armour reducing lines of sight and instead adds a suite of optics allowing for full awareness of surroundings. Elliot Gardner spoke to Hensoldt to hear more about the ‘see-through tank.’

Global arms: mapping global military expenditure

Global military expenditure is at its highest level since the Cold War according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. So which countries are the big players in the international military purchasing market, and just how much are they spending? Elliot Gardner maps the data to visualise the trends.

Life and limb: the biomedical tech built to minimise battlefield amputations

Scientists funded by the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory have developed a new technique for treating injured limbs, which could significantly reduce the risk of amputation after battlefield injuries. Created in response to the experiences of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, this novel three-stage technology seeks to stop battlefield haemorrhaging, while also preserving as much tissue as possible, hopefully leading to full limb preservation. Elliot Gardner investigates.

The emerging cyber bloc party: cyber balkanisation rears its head

Are we seeing the emergence of cyber balkanisation? SecureData chief security strategy officer Charl van der Walt thinks so. We’re heading for cyber balkanisation levels not seen since the Cold War, he tells Elliot Gardner. But what are the implications for enterprise security and international relations?

Under the skin of a made-for-military microgrid

Powering remote military structures and installations in hostile areas far away from reliable diesel fuel convoys is a critical capability and one that is drawing significant funding and innovation. Claire Apthorp speaks to lithium battery manufacturer Enerdel, which is part of a team developing innovative power conversion technologies to create a hybrid solar battery and storage system for the US Air Force.