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N35 4x4

NIMR Automotive

The N35 provides the essential balance between firepower, survivability, mobility and cost for modern, conventional and asymetric operations.

Crew survivability is centred around a battle-proven 'crew-citadel' protection system, protecting against mine, IED and ballistic threats.

The N35 vehicle architecture supports multiple missions. The vehicle can accomodate a full motorised infantry section, with a manned turret or remote weapon system, and also provides cost-effective solutions for recce, patrol, utility and specialist roles such as the ambient variant.

Key features:

  • Proven survivability
  • Extremely compact
  • High internal volume
  • High mobility
  • Modern suspension and powertrain
  • High power to weight ratio
  • Modularity
  • Excellent situational awareness
  • Future technology insertions
  • Powertrain growth path to 600hp

Available options include ride height adjustment with 4-stage and display, a winterisation kit, fire suppression system (crew and engine compartments), battery monitoring / power management system and a health, usage and monitoring system.

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