General Dynamics European Land Systems

Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles, Bridges, and Artillery for Land Combat Systems


The ASCOD is a versatile and powerful land platform for current and future operation theatres, presently serving in NATO countries.

It has been designed for combined operations, is capable of integrating the most advanced command and control systems and performs superiorly in both large and small tactical groups.

The ASCOD's modular design architecture provides for adaptability and scalability, and assures an impressive cost-efficient maintenance and ILS.

Offering a wide range of configurations, the ASCOD securely covers all AFV major roles.

Its main features are sustainability, mobility and reliability, making it equipped for action in any operation theatre as part of heavy armoured units and with different roles. The ASCOD is airborne capable, prepared for prompt operation and very reliable, making it an advanced, versatile result of extensive research into 21st century requirements.

ASCOD stands for speed, optimal protection and immediate performance both day and night, regardless of weather conditions.

Additionally it is Net-enabled and supports any state-of-the-art Command and Control architecture.

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